•  Stereo zoom microscope LEICA
  •  100 programmable memories
  •  Backlit display
  •  Command external touch screen display
  •  Dispenser of inert gas can be positioned the welding  
  •  point              
  •  Internal control joystick
  •  Integrated cooling system



Our LASER WELDING integrates an innovative digital system management functions FDC called "full digital control." With this system, the new generators become 5 times more stable than an ordinary generator, supplying power stable over time because continuously monitored and automatically adjusted in real time. The shutter has a luminosià doubled and the frequency of firing reaches 40 hz. The new generator is able to independently asses the state of wear of the laser light and automatically adjust the energy produced according to user settings, without having to change over time. Our LASER WELDERS are also suitable for high production runs thanks to the new and very efficient cooling system of the laser light, and the innovative DIGITAL POWER SUPPLY very low heat.



  • Welding of metals including precious and non –SILVER, GOLD, CHROME COBALT, TITANIUM , STAINLESS.
  • Welding of elements through the use of filler materials, leaving the affected area clear, shiny without the need to intervene with the procedures of polishing.
  • Repair of casting defects such as porosity or fractures of the unwanted metal, welding flaw with the weld material
  • The large working chamber and the ease of access to the same allows welding also details of a considerable encumbrance


Power Media delivered 55 w 80 w 95 w
Max Power delivered 4 kw 5 kw 7 kw
Energy in joules 60 Joule 100 Joule 120 Joule
Pulse duration 0.1/12ms 0.1/12ms 0.1/12ms
Repetition rate 0/30Hz 0/30Hz 0/30Hz
Spot welding 0.2/2mm 0.2/2mm 0.2/2mm
Setting Power assisted spot 20 P 20 P 20 P
Preset Programmers 5 5 5